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Terms and Conditions

  1. All waste management companies registered with the Dubai Municipality under the RASID system must adhere to Municipality policies regarding waste movement through the emirate.
  2. Registration should be done through the RASID website only. No other options will be entertained. The RASID Monitoring and Control Centre shall assist by providing guidance if any needed.
  3. All relevant documents/details that are uploaded should be genuine, original, and accurate.
  4. Any fraudulent certificates or details and other malpractices will lead to strict punitive action as prescribed by UAE laws.
  5. The validity of registration would be for five years. Any renewal would be totally at the Municipality’s discretion.
  6. Payment transactions can only be made at the RASID Monitoring and Control Centre between 09.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m. on all working days (except Fridays, Saturdays and government holidays).
  7. An online payment facility through the RASID website www.rasid.ae is also available for making instant payment using debit/credit cards.
  8. The respective company accounts in the RASID system will only be activated upon receipt of payment or clearance of cheque as applicable.
  9. RASID reserves the right to activation or deactivation of any or all services if payments are not received according to schedule.
  10. Fees are subject to change for the renewals
  11. All information requested by the RASID process must be accurate and RASID reserves the right to use this information for any purpose related to the Dubai Municipality
  12. All registered parties must agree to the usage of the uploaded/essential information and to receive communications from RASID via email or SMS.
  13. After company and subsequent vehicle registration, the waste transportation company should provide RASID with the communication protocol of the tracking device along with a sample device. This is to ensure that the device is sending the data directly to RASID environment and not shared with any external servers.
  14. The GPS device specifications must also be provided for review and verification.
  15. It is the sole responsibility of the company to ensure the prescribed accuracy standards especially for the calibration of weighing system.
  16. RASID reserves the right to change the minimum requirements for any type. Any changes made by the Municipality will be communicated to all waste management companies prior to its implementation.
  17. There will be direct communication between the tracking devices and the RASID Server without any third-party linkages.
  18. RASID data is not permitted to be shared with any third-party servers, other than the RASID Server and such data received shall remain the sole property of the Municipality.