One-time charges



GPS device /device integration with Dubai Municipality – RASID Server


Applicable for each brand or model of devices - irrespective of number of devices used.

Vehicle registration charges


Applicable for each vehicle being registered

Annual Charges

System maintenance, GPS vehicle license including yearly license fee


Benefits to the customers

  • Support software modules such as STP, dump yard, other treatment plants access system
  • Truck Violations and Malpractice Alert system
  • Smart phone applications for inspectors
  • 24/7 system support call centre
  • 24/7 monitoring and reporting services
  • High availability, fully intergrated IT system and web hosting
  • Software maintenance


The subscription charges are mandatory whether employing a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, or a single device or multiple devices. If any waste management company is registered under the Dubai Municipality and avails the RASID services, the payment of subscription charges is mandatory.

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